July 20, 2024
filem melayu 2023

The year 2023 has been a remarkable one for Malay cinema, showcasing a rich tapestry of stories that reflect the diverse cultural heritage of Malaysia. From heartwarming dramas to thrilling action films, the Malay film industry has produced a variety of compelling works that have captivated audiences. In this article, we will delve into some of the most noteworthy filem melayu 2023, highlighting their unique narratives, exceptional performances, and the impact they have had on both local and international audiences.

1. Cinta Abadi

Cinta Abadi, directed by the acclaimed filmmaker Ahmad Idris, is a romantic drama that has touched the hearts of many. The film explores the enduring nature of love through the lives of two characters, Farid and Aisha, who navigate the complexities of their relationship over several decades. Set against the backdrop of Malaysia’s evolving social landscape, the film beautifully captures the essence of timeless love and the sacrifices that come with it.

Plot and Themes

The narrative spans from the 1970s to the present day, offering a nostalgic journey through Malaysia’s history. Themes of commitment, loyalty, and resilience are intricately woven into the storyline, making it a profound exploration of human connections. The chemistry between the lead actors, Rosyam Nor and Siti Saleha, is palpable, adding depth to their characters’ emotional journey.

Critical Reception

Critics have praised Cinta Abadi for its poignant storytelling and superb cinematography. The film has garnered several awards at local film festivals, including Best Director and Best Cinematography, solidifying its place as a standout in Malay cinema.

2. Harimau Malaya


In the realm of action films, Harimau Malaya stands out as a gripping tale of heroism and national pride. Directed by Faizal Hussein, this film tells the story of a group of Malaysian soldiers who embark on a daring mission to rescue hostages from a terrorist group.

Intense Action and Patriotic Spirit

The film is a high-octane thriller that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats with its intense action sequences and realistic portrayal of military operations. The portrayal of the soldiers, led by actor Zul Ariffin, is both heroic and human, showcasing their bravery and the sacrifices they make for their country.

Impact and Reviews

Harimau Malaya has received widespread acclaim for its authentic representation of military life and its thrilling action scenes. The film has also sparked a sense of patriotism among Malaysian audiences, resonating with viewers who appreciate its depiction of national pride and solidarity.

3. Bunga Terakhir


Bunga Terakhir, a melodrama directed by Yasmin Ahmad, is a poignant exploration of family dynamics and the complexities of human emotions. The film follows the story of Lina, a young woman who returns to her hometown to care for her ailing mother, rekindling old relationships and uncovering long-buried family secrets.

Emotional Depth and Character Development

What sets Bunga Terakhir apart is its emotional depth and nuanced character development. The film delves into themes of forgiveness, reconciliation, and the enduring bond of family. Actress Nur Fazura delivers a powerful performance as Lina, capturing the character’s inner turmoil and strength.

Audience and Critical Response

The film has been lauded for its sensitive handling of complex emotional themes and its ability to resonate with a broad audience. It has been particularly praised for its screenplay and the strong performances of its cast, making it a must-watch in 2023.

4. Selamat Tinggal Sayang

In the genre of romantic comedies, Selamat Tinggal Sayang directed by Alia Maimunah offers a delightful and humorous take on modern relationships. The film centers around the lives of Zara and Amir, two individuals with contrasting personalities who find themselves navigating the ups and downs of love and commitment.

Humor and Relatability

With its witty dialogue and relatable characters, Selamat Tinggal Sayang provides a lighthearted yet insightful look at the complexities of love in the modern age. The chemistry between the leads, Syafiq Kyle and Mira Filzah, adds to the charm of the film, making it an enjoyable experience for viewers.

Box Office Success

The film has not only been a hit with critics but also achieved significant success at the box office. Its blend of humor, romance, and social commentary has struck a chord with audiences, making it one of the most popular filem melayu 2023 of the year.

5. Seruan Hati


Seruan Hati is a supernatural thriller that has captivated audiences with its suspenseful plot and eerie atmosphere. Directed by Syamsul Yusof, the film revolves around a series of mysterious events in a small village that lead to a confrontation with dark forces.

Mystery and Supernatural Elements

The film expertly combines elements of mystery, horror, and drama to create a gripping narrative that keeps viewers engaged from start to finish. The tension is heightened by the film’s atmospheric cinematography and haunting musical score.

Acclaim and Awards

Seruan Hati has been praised for its innovative storytelling and visual effects. It has won several awards for its direction and has been noted for its ability to effectively blend traditional Malay folklore with modern horror elements.

6. Jalan Ke Puncak


Jalan Ke Puncak, directed by Razak Mohaideen, is an inspiring sports drama that follows the journey of a young athlete striving to achieve greatness. The film tells the story of Aiman, a runner from a rural village who dreams of winning a national championship.

Inspiration and Perseverance

The film highlights themes of determination, hard work, and perseverance, showcasing the challenges and triumphs of pursuing one’s dreams. The inspiring storyline and the heartfelt performances by the cast, particularly by newcomer Izzue Islam, make Jalan Ke Puncak a standout in the genre.

Audience Reception

Audiences have responded positively to the film’s uplifting message and its portrayal of the grit and resilience required to succeed. It has inspired many, particularly young athletes, and has been recognized for its contribution to promoting sports and healthy living.


The diversity and richness of filem melayu 2023 reflect the creativity and talent within the industry. From deeply moving dramas to adrenaline-pumping action films and heartwarming comedies, the films of this year have provided audiences with a wide range of stories and experiences. As we look forward to the future, it is evident that Malay cinema will continue to grow and thrive, offering even more captivating films that celebrate the unique culture and stories of Malaysia.

Soalan Lazim (Soalan Lazim) tentang Filem Melayu pada tahun 2023

1. Apakah antara filem Melayu yang paling popular dikeluarkan pada tahun 2023?

Beberapa filem Melayu paling popular yang dikeluarkan pada 2023 termasuklah Cinta Abadi, Harimau Malaya, Bunga Terakhir, Selamat Tinggal Sayang, Seruan Hati, dan Jalan Ke Puncak. Filem-filem ini telah menerima pujian kritis dan bergema dengan baik di kalangan penonton, menawarkan pelbagai genre daripada percintaan dan drama kepada aksi dan thriller ghaib.

2. Siapakah pengarah yang menonjol dalam pawagam Melayu untuk tahun 2023?

In 2023, standout directors in Malay cinema include Ahmad Idris for Cinta Abadi, Faizal Hussein for Harimau Malaya, Yasmin Ahmad for Bunga Terakhir, Alia Maimunah for Selamat Tinggal Sayang, Syamsul Yusof for Seruan Hati, and Razak Mohaideen for Jalan Ke Puncak. Pengarah-pengarah ini telah dipuji kerana penceritaan mereka yang unik dan arahan yang berkesan.

3. Apakah tema yang biasa diterokai dalam filem Melayu 2023?

Tema biasa dalam filem Melayu 2023 termasuk cinta dan perhubungan, kebanggaan dan kepahlawanan negara, dinamik keluarga, pengampunan dan perdamaian, unsur ghaib dan seram, dan ketabahan peribadi dan pencapaian sukan. Tema-tema ini mencerminkan kepelbagaian isu budaya dan sosial di Malaysia.

4. Bagaimanakah filem Melayu 2023 diterima oleh pengkritik dan penonton?

Filem Melayu 2023 secara amnya mendapat sambutan baik oleh pengkritik mahupun penonton. Filem seperti Cinta Abadi dan Bunga Terakhir telah dipuji kerana kedalaman emosi dan penceritaan mereka, manakala filem penuh aksi seperti Harimau Malaya dan thriller ghaib seperti Seruan Hati telah memikat penonton dengan keamatan dan ketegangan mereka. Komedi seperti Selamat Tinggal Sayang telah menggembirakan penonton dengan jenaka dan watak mereka yang boleh dikaitkan.

5. Apakah kesan filem Melayu 2023 kepada industri filem tempatan?

Filem Melayu 2023 telah memberi impak yang besar kepada industri filem tempatan dengan meningkatkan jumlah penonton, meraih pujian kritis dan memenangi pelbagai anugerah. Mereka juga telah membantu menonjolkan bakat pelakon, pengarah dan kru produksi tempatan, menyumbang kepada pertumbuhan keseluruhan dan pengiktirafan pawagam Malaysia di peringkat antarabangsa.

6. Adakah filem Melayu 2023 tersedia untuk penonton antarabangsa?

Ya, banyak filem Melayu 2023 tersedia untuk penonton antarabangsa melalui pelbagai platform penstriman dan festival filem antarabangsa. Sarikata dalam pelbagai bahasa sering mengiringi filem ini, menjadikannya boleh diakses oleh khalayak global yang berminat untuk meneroka budaya dan pawagam Malaysia.

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